Jared Mitchell

Jessica NG

Melissa Cunan

In the summer of 2007, I was fortunate enough to have Neil be my personal trainer in Hollywood. I was up for the lead role in an indie feature and it required that I be in top physical condition. Neil tailors the workouts to your needs and is always prepared and right there to push and enourage you towards your goals and potential. The workouts are challenging--even grueling at times-where you're burning a thousand calories or more and the results are phenomenal. There's also never room for boredom as the workouts are different and varied every single session. He is also very knowledgeable about nutrition and will guide you on a meal plan that will enable you to achieve the physical results you want. Even though it was a tremendous amount of sweat and energy it was so much fun and worth every minute of it. I miss Neil terribly but if we are in the same city again he will definitely be my trainer once again!
Tanya Chedrawy
Neil, Just a short note to let you know how much I enjoyed and profited from training with you. Your knowledge of fitness, nutrition, and boxing were given so freely and specifically. Everything made so much sense. After being a gym rat for 25 years, I finally got the coaching and training I was so in need of. You leaned me out, taught me how to box, and got me in great shape both physically and mentally for my role on "The Sopranos" Thanks for everything
Richard Portnow
I have been training with Neil Stephens for about 4 months now and I can honestly say that it is the best money that I have ever spent. I thought that because I am older (in my 50's) that it would take a long time to get any benefits. I was so wrong! I started seeing changes right away. My friends and co-workers noticed as well and I have received many compliments on the positive changes. Neil is a great trainer. He gets the most work out of you, but is always positive and encouraging. I dreaded going to see him before I began training, but now I look forward to my sessions. Given that I have always loathed any physical activity, that is saying a lot. I also like the gym where Neil sees his clients. It is small and the only people there are individuals working with their trainers. At the busy times, there have only been 2 others clients with their trainers there while I did my training with Neil. I like the more private atmosphere and the feeling that no one is watching me as I work out. I would not hesitate to recommend Neil Stephens to anyone who is interested in personal training.
Janice E
Neil Stephens is a great personal trainer! I started working with Neil 1 year ago after my second hip replacement at 36 years old. I was expecting to have a trainer screaming at me and humiliating me into weight loss. My experience was so different! I chose Neil because he has experience with sports medicine and injuries. I also really wanted to learn how to box. He spent the first few months helping me with corrective exercises. I learned how to move correctly, basic things, like walking. I was happy with my progress. Neil never humiliated me or made me embarrassed. He is inspiring and motivating and always focused on the positive. He pushed me when I needed it and held me back when he knew I wasn't being safe. After several months, I was stronger, I had lost a lot of weight. My friends and family started noticing how great I was looking, but mostly that I was more energetic and I was moving so much better. I was on his eating plan, and I started to realize how much I had been eating and how much of it was unhealthy. I was so excited when I got to go shopping! I got to buy the clothes in the regular section instead of the "women's" section. I went from size 2XL scrubs to medium scrubs. I am more confident now than ever. I have a long way to go, and I plan to keep working with Neil. I have seen changes I never thought were possible! I have never been able to lose this kind of weight. I never thought my body could do the things it can do. I am proud of myself, but I know Neil Is a big part of my success.
Facing forty and my fat gut, I resolved again to begin a fitness regime I could stick with. After adding to my collection of unused gym memberships and dusty equipment , I heard about Neil. Now I don't go to the gym, I learn to box! With boxing lessons I have a consistent , empirical program I can measure my progress with. And that feedback is what keeps me looking forward to my next class. I would recommend Neil as a trainer to anyone.
Rik K
Neil Stephens is incredibly capable to train a client with health issues or injuries. I have Psoriatic Arthritis, which attacks the joints in the body. It moves around, so from week to week, I am not sure what joints will be inflamed. Neil is sensitive to this and a wonderful listener. He is knowledgeable, and is able to constantly adjust my workout so that we are gentle on the inflamed areas and still work hard on healthy muscle groups. I am getting quick results without any set-backs. I also really enjoy Neil's personality and enthusiasm. It is a pleasure to work-out these days!
Suzie M