Neil Stephens started working as a Boxing training specialist in 2007 at the famous studio Emerson Hall training Hollywood’s Elite for Juliet Kaska.

Neil doesn’t teach boxing like many personal trainers by learning a few moves and adding them to his training repertoire. Neil was a world-ranked professional boxer; he trained and fought all over America and the south of England. Seattle, Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia, New York, LA, Chicago, Portland, Salt Lake City, and a few. As a child, he started Boxing in London but finished the Amateurs and had most of his professional career in America.

After retiring from Boxing, Neil became a NASM certified personal trainer and an excellent and highly experienced Personal trainer. Neil is a certified corrective exercise specialist. So as well as getting you in great shape, personal training and Boxing training can help you correct any injuries or postural deviations caused by injuries.

Quote from Jim: “I have trained with Neil for three years now, he isn’t just a personal trainer, he is a boxing trainer, giving real boxing training, with all his excellent nutrition advice and the diet he put me on I built muscle, lost weight and now know some great self-defense. I would say Neil Stephens GET FIT is the best personal training experience LA has to offer.

As well as being one of the most qualified personal trainers or Boxing trainers in Hollywood Neil is a nutritionist. Whether you are trying to lose weight, build muscle, or just trying to look and feel better, nutrition is 60% of the battle. Neil will put you on a practiced and proven diet to achieve any goal you may have.

For the Best personal trainer in Hollywood or online, learn real Boxing as part of your private training session for excellent nutrition, and fix any of those old injuries. Look no further than Hollywood and the Web’s No.1 personal Trainer: Neil Stephens.