Hollywood-based boxing trainer and personal trainer

Online fitness and nutrition consultant


Neil Now takes his years of experience and expertise as a personal trainer online, to offer highly specialized fitness and nutrition programs that are personally designed just for you.

No but the amount and when you eat them does matter.

Yes but there will need to be a corrective phase before we can push you to your maximum potential.

Yes it is the amount of weight and the number of reps you do that matter.

Yes it is amazing how well virtual training works, its something I started grudgingly during the pandemic and it is something some people now prefer. My latest online client just lost 20LBs in 2 months as well as toning up.

Depends on your goals and your own abilities and motivation. You can meet me for a one time consultation, learn a lot and find out what you wanted to know. If you have the time and money I can train with you, two to five days a week.

Absolutely not and I would definitely recommend you do so.

Depends on your priorities, one session costs less than a night out in the town. If you can only afford one and your in shape and feel great, I’d recommend the night on the town but if your not……..